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A month ago... One of our distributors found 8 boxes of the Premiere issue of NUDE in their warehouse. This, on the heels of our celebrating the completion of our first year publishing, inspired an idea celebrate this anniversary.

We have created a special "boxed" collectors edition of the first year of NUDE Magazine. All four issues. still in their original shrink wrap, and sealed into an open ended box that displays the spines of the four issues. A perfect display for your bookshelf or display case.

This collection includes interviews, photography, and art by some of the most reknown photographers and artists in the world including: Lucien Clergue, Leonord Nimoy, Kim Weston, Norbert Guthier, Carrie Leigh, Sylvie Blum, Guenter Knop, Antoine de Villers, Joel Adams, Francois Benveniste, Nick Ash, Francis Keating, Craig Srebnik, and dozens of others.

There will only be 250 boxed editions made, with a certificate of authenticity that will be signed and numbered by NUDE Magazine's publisher and contributing photographer, Carrie Leigh, and embossed with our corporate seal. This fine art collection will be yours for only $200, plus shipping and handling.

Your number in sequence is based on when your is received

So order today to guarantee your copy of this very special collectors edition, and celebrate with us, the first amazing year of Carrie Leigh's NUDE Magazine.

Each boxed edition is bubble wrapped to protect the box, hand pack to preserve the quality, and includes insurance.

Shipping rates:
$25.00 within the US
$35.00 to Canada
$50.00 outside North America


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